Tuesday 22 July 2014

Paradise in fiji

this is my story of Fiji some photos.
Day 1. so in Fiji we have just arrived and we are waiting in a line to cross the border. When we got across we jumped into a airport shuttle to take us to the Hilton where we were staying with nanna , grandad , poppa , gran , mum , dad , georgie , harpa and myself. When we got there we had to wait for all the keys to get in. We got a cart that took to our rooms because were staying in different rooms. We were at the verey end of the resort. When we got settled in we went to see if gran , poppa , nanna  and grandad were ready. Knock ? who answered granddad. Then we went to the main bar just a little bit more back where the entrance is.
Day 2. When we waked up we went down to see grandad but first we weren't going anywhere till we had a shower!!!! Why ? Because we didn't get there till 5.45 at night. When we got dress we went down to see everyone. Then we went out for breakfast and I just had 1 thing and that was a donut. Then we went back to our rooms to get into our togs. When we got to the pool I heard a man say coin dive!!!!! at the top of his voice. When it was the first round I got 3 , on the second round I got 8 and on the last round I got 5.

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  1. This sounded like a great holiday Caro with a lot of exciting activities. Great photos as well.

    Mr Tai