Tuesday 28 October 2014


Naki clap! Clap! Sweat dribbling down my skin.naki clap! Clap! The sound of the crowd. 5 minuties that when the nerves start kicking in.pounding in the air. Eye on the ball. Not letting go off my sight. No the markos have got the ball boo! Boo! No they scored a try full time but they're going for the conversion. Suddenly look at these people one of the was in a yellow and black onzie. Then I realized my uncle was on the field omg! He has goon and stool the 22 metere tui sign! On the way back we helped him carry it back and he had a 50 year old security guard chasing after him. The final score was 36-32 to the Naki. We are the champions of them all.

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