Sunday 12 July 2015

Going up the mountain

Today my family travelled up the mountain known as Taranaki since it had recently had been snowing. When we first arrived we had to find out where the 4 wheel drive is because you either needed that or a chain so   
you don't skid on the ice on the road. As we were at the top we found a place where we can play. Georgie and Dad had a snowball fight and it got a bit out of hand. I gathered some snow and began building a    
snow man. Then we made some snow angles and some snow got up my back and it was only 1 centigrade but it felt a lot warmer. We done races and there was a hole that I fell in and it was deep. We saw some people skiing down the mountain and there were frozen things everywhere and the best bit would of been the snowball fight and I hit Mum and Dad laughed and then I got some in Georgie's in the mouth. We soon travelled down the mountain because it started to get to cold and when we got to the gate there was a lady telling people that it was full and they had to come back soon. I hope we come back sometime soon!


  1. Caro
    Not sure about the lady who was at the gate when you mentioned 'that it was full' what was this about? Can you explain this part further.

    I really appreciate the detail that you have put into this post. The photos that have gone with it are sensational. I really appreciate the fantastic images that help tell the wonderful story that you have written.

    Mr Webb

  2. Mr Webb
    The lady was at the gate telling people that the car park was to full and there was no room due to the school holidays and how much snow there was that's what I meant.