Saturday 15 August 2015

Can you identify these coins

Can you please help me identify these coins but I know that they are American coins I just don't know what they are. So if you know what they are please comment down below because I would love to find out what they are. I got them when my grandparents came back from Hawaii. Some of the coins are from 2014 and 2000. I have 5 coins with different patterns and things in the background. Comment down below !


  1. @ Caro,

    Yes, you have several American coins!

    The first is the penny. It is our lowest value coin and is sometimes called a cent. 100 pennies = $1.

    The second coin looks to be a quarter. It is worth 25 pennies or 25 cents. The back side of each quarter is different. The U.S.A. had a state quarter program so look to see which state quarter you got. It has state emblems on it too.

    Let me know which quarter you got!

    I will wait and see if you get any other responses. If not, I will reveal the identity of the remaining coins.

    Mrs. Y♥llis

    1. Hi Mrs Yollis

      I love to read your comment.

      The Quarter I have got is the Virginia 1788 coin with Jamestown on it. It has 3 boats on it with the word Liberty.

      Get back to me soon.
      Caro, Room 3 Auroa Primary School
      Taranaki, New Zealand

    2. @ Caro,

      Virginia was one of the original thirteen colonies in America. After America won the Revolutionary War against England, the thirteen colonies became the thirteen states. (We now have 50 states!) Virginia became the 10th state. Jamestown is a famous city in Virginia because it was the first successful English colony, so that historic city made it to the state coin.

      Now that you know the coins, what is the total value of your five coins?

      My students are starting a new school year on Wednesday. Our summer is almost over here in the northern hemisphere!

      Mrs. Y♥llis

  2. Caro, as Mrs. Yollis knows, the three coins that are the same size are all quarters. They look differently because the United States mint changes the designs to make them more collectable. The smallest coin, the one that is even smaller than the penny is called a dime. It is equal to ten pennies even though it is much smaller. The design for the dime hasn't changed in over 50 years I believe.

    Mr. C