Thursday 17 September 2015

MT SPA X-Country 2015

Today was the MT SPA X-Country which was held at the Manaia Domain by the Golf course. In the age group I ran in I got 6th and 4th out of Auroa School. The course that we ran was 2km long but it felt like it was only a 1km run. Bethany came 1st, Tiani got 3rd, Paige got 4th, Caro (me) got 6th Sophie O got 7th and I think Ebony got 9th. Auroa won 2 races the 9 and under girls and the 10 year old boys. The next competition we go to is Tāranaki X-Country. Good luck to everybody who is traveling to Hāwera on Wedensday. " GOOD LUCK".

1 comment:

  1. It was a fantastic day today overall and everyone who represented their school did a nice job. Well done to you personally Caro of posting about this on your own time and great personal effort today.
    Mr Webb