Saturday 9 April 2016

The Moa

The Moa. There were nine species of Moa.The flightless birds were usually found around New Zealand bush. The two largest species were the Dinornis robustus and the Dinornis  novaelandiae. They reached about 3.6 meters (12ft) in height but with there neck outstretched and they weighed about 230kg. When Polynesians settled New Zealand in CE 1280 the population of the Moa was around 58,000

They were safe for thousands of years until the arrival of the Maori. They were only hunted by Haast's eagle. The Moa extinction occurred in CE 1440, primarily due to overhunting by the Maori. Scientist still this year are still trying to bring the extinct flightless bird back from its death and bring it back to life. 

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