Tuesday 28 April 2015

How to ride a horse


Hi i am Caro and I'm going to teach you how to ride a horse/pony.

The materials you will need is a saddle , bridle , helmets  and reins to be safe or you could do it without any gear but I would do it with the equipment.

Step 1. Your horse has to have all of the gear on and you always have to wear a helmet 

Step 2. Put your left foot in the stirp and lift your right leg over the other side or you can hold onto the fence and climb over 

Step 3. Once you are in the saddle make sure both stirps are big enough for you. Then you grab both sides of the reins and twist them over and place them on the saddle and don't pull them tight.

Step 4. You always have to make sure you are sitting even on both sides other wise you can fall off. You body must be straight so then you will be a natural.

Step 5. First If you are not so sure about riding a horse get somebody to lead you around and if you are you can try by the self. To get the horse to go you say get up and if you want it to slow down you say woo!

Step 6. To get the horse to turn say I wanted to turn to the left I would pull on the left side and let it lose on the right side and if I was turning to the right I would pull on the right side.

Step 7. When you finish you take out both feet out of the stirps lift you right leg over and jump off the horse or pony.

Thanks for reading comment down bellow of what you thought.

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