Thursday 23 April 2015

Kick off

Kick off

5 minutes till kick off. Stratford running onto the field as the crowd says boo!. Here comes coastal. Dad I yelled no reply. As Stratford kick off. Sweat starts dripping down my spine. Mud flicks up as the boots stab into the wet soggy mud. Rain burst out of know where. Stratford running away with the ball until.... Pass and interception John Julin makes a run for it. Sadly they catch up in know time. Stratford got the ball and the score boo!!! Went the crowd.

Coastals ball and they kick off and penalty to coastal. Rick Mckenna under pressure as the crowd sits silent. 45 meters out from the try line and he gets it . The crowd going wild as it goes over the post. 10-3 coastal better step there game up if they want to win this game. 7 minutes into the second half and coastal has been had to hand it over three times. 8 minutes into the second half. Finally they decided to score a try and Rick McKenna got the conversion so it is 10-10. If Rick McKenna gets the penalty we win...

He gets it with 30 seconds to go. Coastal tap and run and times up and John Julin kicks it out and we win 13-10. At the end of the day everyone walked home proud for their club.

By Caro

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