Friday 25 September 2015

Meeting Tāranaki players

Yesterday rooms 1,2 and three were lucky to meet some Tāranaki players also get there autograph. The players that came we Ruben O'Neill and Lachlan Boshier. Both O'Neill play for NPOB but next year they will be playing for coastal trust me #CoastalsbetterthanNPOB. Also a big thanks to miss Boshier to bring in her brother and his mate. Hopefully you will come back some time soon." COASTAL RUGBY"


Sunday 20 September 2015

Taranaki vs Waikato

On Friday the 18th of September 2015 Jorja, Dad and I went up to Yarrows stadium in New Plymouth to watch the Tāranaki Bulls vs Waikato and Taranaki thrashed Waikato with a 41-0 win with 5 try's scored and converted also 2 penalties converted. The man of the match went to Berny Hall who plays for Taranaki. It was old timers day so they had to wear there JD Hickman premiorship socks and since next year Hika Elloit is playing for Coastal Rugby he wore some socks that dad gave to him. Jorja and I were on TV 4 times and we caught a loaf of bread and a packet of lollies. After the game was over we went down on the field and got photos with players and there autograph. We got players like Seita Tamivaliu and Berny Hall. Then on the way home we got MC Donald's and then went straight to bed.

Thursday 17 September 2015

MT SPA X-Country 2015

Today was the MT SPA X-Country which was held at the Manaia Domain by the Golf course. In the age group I ran in I got 6th and 4th out of Auroa School. The course that we ran was 2km long but it felt like it was only a 1km run. Bethany came 1st, Tiani got 3rd, Paige got 4th, Caro (me) got 6th Sophie O got 7th and I think Ebony got 9th. Auroa won 2 races the 9 and under girls and the 10 year old boys. The next competition we go to is Tāranaki X-Country. Good luck to everybody who is traveling to Hāwera on Wedensday. " GOOD LUCK".

Sunday 13 September 2015

At the calf shed's

Yesterday we went to the PKW calf rearing block and we saw the calves getting a feed. At the moment there are 1,500 calves at the block and there are 4 calf shed's and about 200 calves out said Derek and Irene who run the calf rearing block. If you would like to know anymore information about farming click on this link.

Tuesday 8 September 2015

11,000 hits on the web

Thank you to everybody who got me to 11,000 Page views. here is the links to my top 5 posts.....
My goal was to get 8,000 page views by the end of the year but now my goal is to get 17,000 and hopefully get into the MOA Kluster awards at the start of November. Also I have had 112 comments and about 22 different countries. If you would like to leave how many comments or pageviews you have had comment down below

Saturday 5 September 2015

Fathers day

Tomorrow is the day all dads have been waiting for..... Fathers day. For fathers day we are going to our friends house in the morning then we are going out for tea in New Plymouth with or family. What is your family doing? Also to everyone at Auroa school cross country is on the 11th of September so good luck to everybody and just try your best but don't stop.