Friday 18 December 2015

Opunake Beach 18/12/15

Today just before tea Grandad, Georgie (My sister) and Caro (Me) went down Opunakes main beach.  Opunake is located in South Tāranaki, New Zealand (Aoteroa). First we went to the playground and went on the swings, slides and monkey bars. Then Georgie and I did some beach sprints because we do "Surf Life Saving". It's where you do Beach sprints, Beach Flags, Knee Boards, Body Surfing and of course swimming in the sea. Most of the times I won but sometimes my younger sister won . Guess what tommorow we have a carnival for surf life saving tomorrow in New Plymouth. Then Georgie built a sand castle and Grandada took a few pics of me doing some hand stands in different poses and while we were doing that they took the "IRB boat sort of thing and they are orange and green". Then Georgie wanted to go back to the playground so I waited in the car then we went back to Nanna and Grandadas house where mum and dad and my other sister was with the fish and chips for tea.

Wednesday 9 December 2015


Regardless of a horse or pony's actual birth date, for most competition purposes a year is added to its age each January 1 of each year in the Northern Hemisphere and each August 1 in the Southern Hemisphere. The exception is in endurance riding, where the minimum age to compete is based on the animal's actual calendar age.

Colt: A male horse under the age of four. A common error is to call any young horse a "colt", when the term actually only refers to young male horses

Filly: A female horse under the age of four.

Foal: A horse of either sex less than one year old. A nursing foal is sometimes called a suckling and a foal that has been weaned is called a weanling. Most domesticated foals are weaned at five to seven months of age, although foals can be weaned at four months with no adverse physical effects.

Gelding: A castrated male horse of any age.

Mare: A female horse four years old and older.

Stallion: A non-castrated male horse four years old and older. The term "horse" is sometimes used to refer specifically to a stallion.

Yearling: A horse of either Female/Male that is between one and two years old
Different parts of the Horse

Sunday 29 November 2015

NOROK sports day

Today on November the 29th Kaponga Athletic club hosted the 2015 NOROK sports day. The events are.. 50 Meters, 75 Meters, 100 Meters, 200 Meters, 400 meters, 800 meters, 1500 Meters, 800 Meter Walk, 1200 Meter Walk, bagged 40yr relay, 4x100 relay boys and girls grades, Long Jump and High Jump. "My first event was the 75M and there were only three of us and I came 1st= with a girl called Kyrah".

  My sister had her 75M and she came 3rd. I had to wait till 12.15 for my 100 meter race and I got second in that and Kyrah won. My friends Jorja and Bethany's 100M was next and Jorja got 3rd and Bethany got 1st. Before we knew it , it was lunchtime. Time for a ice block.

         Then I was in the bagged 40yr relay with Zoe, Caro (me), Madaline and  Ellie. In that relay we got 2nd. In the 800M walk a person from my class called Quade got first in that race. The next race for me was the 200 meter and there was only two of us and Kyrah was in lane 2 and I was in lane 5. Halfway through the race I started to get the shakes and I was in the lead then before I knew we were at the 50 meter mark with 50 left to run and I could here every one screaming out go Kaponga and I go to Kaponga and I can't believe I won but it was a close race.
 My sister got 2nd in the 200m and she is only seven. Then we had the 4x100 relay and it was Zoe, Lilly, Sophie and Caro (me) we were in lane five again and we got second in that and I was proud of our team and my sisters team got third. Then we packed up and left and it was an amazing day and Kaponga done very well.

Thursday 26 November 2015

Some of the worlds best blogs

This blog is one of my favourite blogs and obviously you can see that it is Mrs Yollis class blog and she has had about 1,889,210 page views and that is a lot of pageviews she has posted a pitcher of my blog on her blog once and it was about a poem. They celebrate somethings in America that we don't celebrate in New Zealand. You can click on her class page here

                                  Also this is one of Mrs Yollis students and she has done some fantastic post about like when she had her first level 7 meet and when they went to a luau in Hawaii. She adds good description and feel free to comment on her blog. She has also had so many visitors from around the world and some from America and the Google head officers. You click on her blog here.

So that is my post about some of the most populist blogs in the world and some of the student bloggers in the world. Feel free to comment down below :)

Thursday 19 November 2015

All about me

Hi my name is Caro and well I'm going to be telling you about well me! I'm just a normal 9 year old girl I have 2 sisters a dog called Henry and a cat called Millie. Obvisly I go to Auroa school, South Taranaki, New Zealand. Most of you know my teachers name is Mr Webb (Myles Webb). He is one of the best teachers ever. My favourite subject's at school have to be PE, Writing, Libary and School production. My favourite sports are Netball, Touch Rugby, Soccer, Swimming, Dancing/Gymnastics and Athletics. Through out the week I have many different things on the some of the sports I just mentioned and lots more things. My goals for the end of the year were..

Get 8,000 page views by the end of the year? At the moment at 13,900!Get to stage 8 at writing? Working on stage 9!Get into the MOA awards? I did!Try my hardest? I think so :) Go to the Taranaki cross country running? I did and got 39th out of 175!
Be one of the main roles in the school concert?!
 We are doing Oliver Twist and I'm Jack Dawkins! and have a great year!

 Also in my spare time I like to read horse books and ride horses. Also when we go up to New Plymouth I go and help my poppa at the horse stables and feed the horses. Also I like to bike along the coastal walkway or scooter with my family. When it's the winter or rugby season I'm a big fan of Coastal rugby senior A's because my dad use to coach them. So that's about all I for you guys but if you found that interesting......

Comment down below!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday 14 November 2015

Our amazing day

This is a photo of the face paint I got at Sofia's party

Today me and my Family went down to Patea to a friends birthday called Sofia. When we first got there it was freezing but it started warm up in the middle of the day then we played parcel- parcel and Sofia won. Then we had lunch and there were lots of yummy things to eat. Like... Cupcakes, Carnival donuts, Fizzy and lots ,lots more. Then we were running around on the lawn waiting for the next game.        
 Then her mum called us in for the next game which was stick the strawberry on the strawberry. Then we had a little bit of a play before we went home then when we got home we had a rest before we got up to watch "The Fox and the Hound II" Then when that finished we watched Puss 'n' Boots. While we were watching that we had our own popcorn and strawberries and they were delicious but we ate them all. That was most of our day and I hope you enjoyed listening to my story and comment down below to say what you think =).

Thursday 12 November 2015


This is our Educational video about the Hāwera water tower which won.

This is the certificate I got for wining the best Educational video intermediate 

On Tuesday the 10th of November at the sandfords event centre they hosted the 2015 MOA KLUSTER awards. We got driven from the Opunake primary school to the event centre in classic cars. In the car I went with Katelyn and Charlotte. We had to give Mr Chittenden our ticket so we could get in. I sat right at the front. Then I got given my goodie bag with Chocolate , Sprite and a bag of chips. Just before the show started the showed Calabs, Durrans and Joes music video shake it off. The man announcing the awards was Dinnie he is mum and dads friend. The first award was best book trailer and Opunake won that for the intermediate catogoary. Then for the senior Opunake won. Now it was best graphic design poster junior. Opunake won that. For the intermediate catogoary Opunake won and for the senior catogoary Auroa won. Now best student blog intermediate nominations are Caro's Creative Creations, Mackennas blog, Ebonys blog and Jorja's Joyful Jungle. And the winner is..... Jorja's Joyful Jungle. Then they did best educational video and we won so yay. Then they did best Music Video for junior and Auroa won with we will dock you then jonte from Auroa won the music video intermidette and Kaiah won best senior music video. Then it was sumpreme award and we won with the bum race 2 and the was created by Kaiah and Durran and Durran got a gift and Kaiah got the trophy then they showed some of the Star Wars video then they started to pack up and we went back to Nanna and Grandads.

Monday 9 November 2015

Auroa School

Adorable right? For a matter or fact this is my little sister Harpa. She got in to my sisters uniform box and pulled out some of our uniform. She thought she was going to school with me and my sister. She had her lunchbox packed and everything. But she had to wear her frozen shoes.

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Suvivour Episode 10

A shock elimination occurred this week who would it be? Rico and Siobhan were in charge of Kikorangi, until Rico organised a blind side and had Siobhan voted out. Caro and Mackenna were in charge of Whero, until just before the merge, Whero eliminated Mackenna.
The only captions left from the start is Rico and Caro (Me) As my team lost last week it forced us to merge. Who would it be Caro? or Rico?
To all the Rico fans in Hong Kong you may not like this?
Good luck and who will find the Lucky cat and the 3rd immunity idol. Here are the clues.
Immunity Idol Clue; 'When all is revealed and all sold you need to report to Mr Webb and reveal all that you've solved.  He will guide you on your way and with the idol you should be able to stay.  Its the furtherest away so far, yet to progress in the game you need to find it without haste.'
Redemption Idol: 'I am without sight and waiting to be revealed, I wait patiently counting the time that I will be revealed.  The game is nearing its end, locating me will allow you a chance at revenge."
The credit go's to Mr Webb for the videos and the immunity idols the only idol has been found and hasn't been played is Quade's immunity Idol that I picked up but didn't read it so Quade found it. 


Saturday 31 October 2015

Bring it Home

All Blacks primed for battle of the breakdown
Am I the only one nervous for the Rugby world cup final. All Blacks vs Australia . Hopefully the All Blacks can bring it home. Obviously there are 2 Taranaki born players in the team. Conrad Smith and Beauden Barrett. Hopefully the Coastal boy Beauden Barrett can finish the game on a high note. Good Luck

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Old memory's

On Saturday I suddenly went into my room and pulled out some of my old dancing ribbons. There were so many I couldn't even carry them all at once. There were some from when I was 5 and when I won the junior modern jazz. I had just been to a competition in Hāwera and I got VHC and won most promising under 10 dancer which I was very proud of. If you have won any trophy so or ribbons comment down below.

Monday 26 October 2015

Our day out!

on Saturday myself and my sisters had a day out with gran. First we went to the horses and walked down to the bowl of Brooklands and then we Went to the zoo. We saw some amazing animals and the all looked very different to each other and they were very cute. Then we took some photos and walked to grans but first we had to stop and get a ice cream. When we got back mum and dad had  lunch for us and it was delicious.

Sunday 25 October 2015

Oliver twist


For the end of the year we have to do a school play and the theme this year is Broadway Musicals. We are thinking of doing Oliver Twist. The original Oliver book is about 300 years old and the original movie is from 1968. The songs that we are thinking of doing are Food Glorious food and Consider Yourself. If you have any other songs from the movie Consider yourself to comment down below. Also I have some big news... You guys got me into the MOA awards for my Blog. Must of been all of your fantastic advice. Thank you.  

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen

Ding as the bell silently rang I waited for my time to shine. As I bogged onto the stage I spun around to find the crowed staring at me and the judge to!!!!!! I started to wind myself up as a girl performed an Ariel (No handed cartwheel)

I skipped and galloped around the stage. As the time came for the moment of the year......... The "CARTWHEEL" As I galloped into the moment truth I held my breath as I was flying in the air. I safely landed and carried on with my dance.

As the dance came to an end the crowed applauded me of the stage. Here come the results... First place to Garielle Carthew, 2nd to.....

Friday 16 October 2015

Rugby World Cup 2015

On Sunday the 2007 quarter final reoccurs but in 2015. All the is on the All Blacks but it depends on the referee Nigel Owens from Wales. I think that the final will be All Blacks vs Ireland. We hope that the All Black bring the trophy home and hold it for another 4 years if they are lucky enough. Go the Black and Whites!

Sunday 11 October 2015

Mega Bounce

Yesterday my family ,the Walkers and the Mullers went to Mega Bounce a indoor trampoline park. The rules were you had to wear there socks which have gripping underneath them. You were only allowed one person on a trampoline. If you didn't follow the rules you would get a yellow card and if you made another mistake you would get a red card and you would miss out on the rest of the jumping session. There were three separate trampolines that you could bounce off into the foam pit and there were six trampolines for the height of 125cm and under which s the second photo. Also there is a huge dodge ball arena where we played Girls vs Boys and of course the girls won. Then there is a cafe with some delicious food like there lollie cake. Then we went to a cafe called palmers and had some lunch and I got a kids platter and chocolate brownie with wipped cream because it was real strong.

Wednesday 7 October 2015

EL Nino the drought


A study of climate records has shown that El Niño events in the equatorial Pacific are generally associated with a warm tropical North Atlantic in the following spring and summer. About half of El Niño events persist sufficiently into the spring months for the Western Hemisphere Warm Pool to become unusually large in summer. Occasionally, El Niño's effect on the Atlantic Walker circulation over South America strengthens the easterly trade winds in the western equatorial Atlantic region. As a result, an unusual cooling may occur in the eastern equatorial Atlantic in spring and summer following El Niño peaks in winter. EL Nino is expected to effect New Zealand for the next 3-4 months which will have a major effect on New Zealand dairy farmers and sheep and beef farmers as the EL Nino is predicted to cause major drought conditions. This is not good news for dairy farmers as they already have a low payout to contend with.

Thursday 1 October 2015

Dancing compeitions

 On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I had dancing competition's in Hawera. On the first day I had my barefoot and I got HC (highly commend) On Tuesday I had my modern jazz and I got 2nd and I had to be happy with that. Yesterday I had my jazz championship on I VHC (very highly commend) I also won a trophy for most promising local dancer jazz under 10. But it was broken so I won't get it till I go to dancing next term. Do you do competitions?   

Friday 25 September 2015

Meeting Tāranaki players

Yesterday rooms 1,2 and three were lucky to meet some Tāranaki players also get there autograph. The players that came we Ruben O'Neill and Lachlan Boshier. Both O'Neill play for NPOB but next year they will be playing for coastal trust me #CoastalsbetterthanNPOB. Also a big thanks to miss Boshier to bring in her brother and his mate. Hopefully you will come back some time soon." COASTAL RUGBY"


Sunday 20 September 2015

Taranaki vs Waikato

On Friday the 18th of September 2015 Jorja, Dad and I went up to Yarrows stadium in New Plymouth to watch the Tāranaki Bulls vs Waikato and Taranaki thrashed Waikato with a 41-0 win with 5 try's scored and converted also 2 penalties converted. The man of the match went to Berny Hall who plays for Taranaki. It was old timers day so they had to wear there JD Hickman premiorship socks and since next year Hika Elloit is playing for Coastal Rugby he wore some socks that dad gave to him. Jorja and I were on TV 4 times and we caught a loaf of bread and a packet of lollies. After the game was over we went down on the field and got photos with players and there autograph. We got players like Seita Tamivaliu and Berny Hall. Then on the way home we got MC Donald's and then went straight to bed.

Thursday 17 September 2015

MT SPA X-Country 2015

Today was the MT SPA X-Country which was held at the Manaia Domain by the Golf course. In the age group I ran in I got 6th and 4th out of Auroa School. The course that we ran was 2km long but it felt like it was only a 1km run. Bethany came 1st, Tiani got 3rd, Paige got 4th, Caro (me) got 6th Sophie O got 7th and I think Ebony got 9th. Auroa won 2 races the 9 and under girls and the 10 year old boys. The next competition we go to is Tāranaki X-Country. Good luck to everybody who is traveling to Hāwera on Wedensday. " GOOD LUCK".

Sunday 13 September 2015

At the calf shed's

Yesterday we went to the PKW calf rearing block and we saw the calves getting a feed. At the moment there are 1,500 calves at the block and there are 4 calf shed's and about 200 calves out said Derek and Irene who run the calf rearing block. If you would like to know anymore information about farming click on this link.

Tuesday 8 September 2015

11,000 hits on the web

Thank you to everybody who got me to 11,000 Page views. here is the links to my top 5 posts.....
My goal was to get 8,000 page views by the end of the year but now my goal is to get 17,000 and hopefully get into the MOA Kluster awards at the start of November. Also I have had 112 comments and about 22 different countries. If you would like to leave how many comments or pageviews you have had comment down below

Saturday 5 September 2015

Fathers day

Tomorrow is the day all dads have been waiting for..... Fathers day. For fathers day we are going to our friends house in the morning then we are going out for tea in New Plymouth with or family. What is your family doing? Also to everyone at Auroa school cross country is on the 11th of September so good luck to everybody and just try your best but don't stop.

Monday 31 August 2015

Caros Photographic Tour of Opunake

Yesterday me and my sisters went to stay at our Nanna and Grandad's house and we decided to go for a walk along the coastline of Opunake. First we went past a river called Namu where my Dad use to go swimming. Opunake is located in Taranaki, New Zealand. Then we went down the main beach of Opunake and went on the swings. Granddad and I went to take some phtos. Also Opunake is the safest beach in Taranaki. But if you don't agree with me comment down below also comment which video was better.

The Opunake Coastline from Mackenna Chittenden on Vimeo.

Wednesday 26 August 2015

To Mrs Ladd in America

Today at Auroa Primary School Mr Webb asked Me, Jorja and Catherine to create a video for a teacher in America called Beverly Ladd. Since it has just been the summer school holidays in the northern hemisphere they have just come back and started a new school year. To Mrs Ladd we would love to Skype you and here what your have planned for the rest of the school semester. "COMMENT DOWN BELOW" 

Tuesday 25 August 2015

The districts of Taranaki

Taranaki is a region in New Zealand's north island. The main centre is the city of New Plymouth. The New Plymouth District has over 65% of the population of Taranaki. New Plymouth is in North Taranaki along with Inglewood and Waitara.
South Taranaki towns include Hawera, Stratford and Eltham. Taranaki is on the west coast of the North Island, surrounding the volcanic peak. The region has an area of 7258 km². The English name for Mount Taranaki is Mount Egmont. A Māori legend says that Taranaki previously lived with the Tongariro, Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu mountains of the central North Island but moved to its current location after a battle with Tongariro.
Also on the left side of the of the mounting there is a peak called " Fanthams Peak". Here is the population of sown of the districts in Taranaki.
Urban areaPopulation
(June 2014 estimate)[1]
 % of region
New Plymouth55,60048.4%

Friday 21 August 2015

10,000 hit's on the web

Thank you to all the visitors that have visited my blog because guess what............. "I GOT 10,000 Pageviews" At the start of the year I would of liked to reach 8,000 Pageviews but I have got 10,000 and now at the end of the year I am going to try get 17,000 Pageviews which is a big number for just a student blog ( At least that's what I think" Also a big thanks to Mr Webb for giving me some good feedback and also to mum and dad for giving me some good advice on what to post like the Farming lifestyle video and my dancing exam and I have got the results and I got distinction which is 95-100%. As you can see in the second photo it has the amount of people that have looked and my blog and also the top 5 post I have ever done. "Come on boys and girls get me to 17,000" and also got luck to Jorja my friend who is nearly on 8,000 please visit her blog by clicking Here .

Thursday 20 August 2015

The New Zealand currency

I had a lovely comment from a teacher called Mrs Yollis and she sad why not post about some New Zealand currency. So I decided to post the notes and coins. The lowest amount of currency is 10 cents and then 20 cents and the highest note is $100. The person on the 5 dollar note is Sir Edmond Hillary the first person to reach the top of mount Everest. The lady on the $10 note is Kate Sheppard she helped the woman vote. On the $20 is the Queen of England and other countries. on the $50 Sir Apirana Ngata. He is known as the first Maori politician to have ever served in parliament and on the $100 note is Sir Lord Rutherford of Nelson known for the father of nuclear physics. If you have any other currency you know comment down bellow!    

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Virginia 1788

Hi over the past days I have had a comment from one of the best bloggers in the world called Mrs Yollis. She asked me what this coin was and I said "It's the Virginia 1788 coin also with Jamestown 1607-2007" The mint mark is: D. The total amount produced is 651,616,000. It is worth 0.25 cent in USD. A rendering of the arrival in 1607 of the three ships, Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery to Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement, is accompanied with the legends "JAMESTOWN 1607-2007" and "QUADRICENTENNIAL. Also on the bottom it has 2000 and the word "E PLURIBUS UNUM" If you know anymore information please comment down below.

Saturday 15 August 2015

Can you identify these coins

Can you please help me identify these coins but I know that they are American coins I just don't know what they are. So if you know what they are please comment down below because I would love to find out what they are. I got them when my grandparents came back from Hawaii. Some of the coins are from 2014 and 2000. I have 5 coins with different patterns and things in the background. Comment down below !

Saturday 8 August 2015


Hi my name is Caro and today I have a video about a recent flooding event in Taranaki. Opunake had the worst because when we were going to Opunake there was water all over the road and we had to go very slow. Also we had hail today and our whole front lawn was covered in it and it looked so amazing. The rain also has effected some farmers since it is calving season. 

Friday 7 August 2015

The Payout

 Over 2014-2015 farmers have been worried about "THE PAYOUT" The payout was at $8.00 at the end of 2014 and the start of 2015. But.....
It's now $3.85. " I'm sure farmers are extremely worried on what's going to happen next! The payout is when the milk get auctioned and it gets valued by different country's in the word and our major country that we sell milk to is "CHINA" But at the moment the won't buy our milk so the payout is low and that is a big difference for farmers. "Come on CHINA"

Tuesday 4 August 2015

My dancing exam

Today at 3.40pm I went to hāwera to compete in a dancing exam and for my number I was number 4. The exam took 40 minutes and we had to complete 15 routines and it was so tiring. We have to wear black jazz shoes and everything black. We have a pink ribbon in our hair that went around our bun. The other that I did it with are: Ashley, Cady, Sarah and Caro (Me). The lady who done my hair is called Megan. My dancing teacher's name is Michele Glover and I have done dancing for 6 years.

Sunday 2 August 2015

Jerry Collins

Jerry Collins, born 4th of November 1980. Jerry was born in Apia, Samoa. In Jerrys early career he first played for Wellington lions in 1999 then he started his journey in the Wellington Hurricanes in 2001. In June 2006, he was captain of the All Blacks in a one-off Test match against Argentina. He went to Victoria university in Wellington, New Zealand
Collins retired from international rugby in May 2008. Shortly afterwards, he played in a rugby league match in the Wellington Competition, registered under a different name. After a short amount of time the team got find. In October 2007, following New Zealand's exit from the 2007 Rugby World Cup, Collins was vacationing in Devon when he was spotted by Barnstaple head coach Kevin Squire who invited him to watch it play at the weekend. 

Collins was a cousin of former All Blacks captain and Hurricanes teammate Tana Umaga. In March 2013, Collins was arrested in a Hamamatsu department store after he was spotted carrying a 17 cm-long knife.

Collins and his partner, Alana Madill, aged 34, died on the morning of 5 June 2015, after their car lost control and collided with a bus on the A9 autoroute near Béziers in southern France. His three-month old baby daughter, Ayla, was taken to hospital in Montpellier in critical condition. Ayla spent a month recovering in intensive care at the hospital in Montpellier, including two weeks spent in a coma. In early July, it was announced Ayla would move to Canada with the Madill family, and continue receiving treatment at a Canadian hospital

Thursday 30 July 2015

Maori language week

As you know it is Maori language week in New Zealand and Myself, Bethany, Jorja, Harry and Zariah created a video when we demonstrate the Maori hand game "PEKE" Whiu means pass it on. Patu means it will rebound off your arm. Peke means jump on person. Peke Roa means jump to people. The filming was done by Mackenna edited by Harry and Zariah and actors Bethany, Caro, Harry, Jorja and Zariah. Each classroom has to create a video and we thought " Why what do PEKE" So enjoy viewers.

Saturday 25 July 2015

The Farming Lifestyle

 Over the past few days my family have been on the farm helping with the calves and I thought that I could create a video of the style of farming like:
  • The tanker what collects the milk
  • Calving
  • Maze to feed the cows
And of course "THE PAYOUT" The pay out is important to Farmers because it is how the milk is valued and at the moment it is very low.
So far we have had over 300 cows in and still 600 more to calve. We have got 100 keepers, 24 Jersey Bulls and about 176 bobbies.
The milk tanker comes every 4 milkings to collect the milk and take it to the factory to be stored and put into milk bottles that soon go into stores.
We feed our calves Meal, Powder , Hay and of course Milk. We feed the calves Gold milk and other sorts of fresh milk that our farm produces. The most calves we have had in a day this year is 80. 50 bobbies and 30 keepers.
To find more about Farming click Here

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Some amazing student post

Over the past few days Auroa Primary School have been doing some amazing posting. As they are getting ready for the MOA KLUSTER awards against Opunake , Matapu and Kaponga.

 Harry has been on a visit up Mount Ruapehu and done some skiing and snowboarding down the mountain. you can see his amazing post by clicking Here.

   Also Mackenna and her sisters have been working on a Minecraft world and are building a library at the moment but is going to build a head quarters where they can discuss the of the buildings they are going to create. You can look at her amazing post by clicking Here.

Hopefully the keep up the great work on there post because they are doing an amazing job. Get ready for the MOA KLUSTER awards.

Saturday 18 July 2015

Here we go again

Today the 18th of July 2015 I got very lucky to go watch the final Inglewood v NPOB ( New Plymouth Old Boys ) When we arrived it was 12-10 to Inglewood but with 5 seconds to go NPOB scored and Logan Rei seceding the conversion so at the end NPOB won 17-15 and taking home glory. Hopefully Coastal have another chance NEXT YEAR!