Sunday 29 November 2015

NOROK sports day

Today on November the 29th Kaponga Athletic club hosted the 2015 NOROK sports day. The events are.. 50 Meters, 75 Meters, 100 Meters, 200 Meters, 400 meters, 800 meters, 1500 Meters, 800 Meter Walk, 1200 Meter Walk, bagged 40yr relay, 4x100 relay boys and girls grades, Long Jump and High Jump. "My first event was the 75M and there were only three of us and I came 1st= with a girl called Kyrah".

  My sister had her 75M and she came 3rd. I had to wait till 12.15 for my 100 meter race and I got second in that and Kyrah won. My friends Jorja and Bethany's 100M was next and Jorja got 3rd and Bethany got 1st. Before we knew it , it was lunchtime. Time for a ice block.

         Then I was in the bagged 40yr relay with Zoe, Caro (me), Madaline and  Ellie. In that relay we got 2nd. In the 800M walk a person from my class called Quade got first in that race. The next race for me was the 200 meter and there was only two of us and Kyrah was in lane 2 and I was in lane 5. Halfway through the race I started to get the shakes and I was in the lead then before I knew we were at the 50 meter mark with 50 left to run and I could here every one screaming out go Kaponga and I go to Kaponga and I can't believe I won but it was a close race.
 My sister got 2nd in the 200m and she is only seven. Then we had the 4x100 relay and it was Zoe, Lilly, Sophie and Caro (me) we were in lane five again and we got second in that and I was proud of our team and my sisters team got third. Then we packed up and left and it was an amazing day and Kaponga done very well.

Thursday 26 November 2015

Some of the worlds best blogs

This blog is one of my favourite blogs and obviously you can see that it is Mrs Yollis class blog and she has had about 1,889,210 page views and that is a lot of pageviews she has posted a pitcher of my blog on her blog once and it was about a poem. They celebrate somethings in America that we don't celebrate in New Zealand. You can click on her class page here

                                  Also this is one of Mrs Yollis students and she has done some fantastic post about like when she had her first level 7 meet and when they went to a luau in Hawaii. She adds good description and feel free to comment on her blog. She has also had so many visitors from around the world and some from America and the Google head officers. You click on her blog here.

So that is my post about some of the most populist blogs in the world and some of the student bloggers in the world. Feel free to comment down below :)

Thursday 19 November 2015

All about me

Hi my name is Caro and well I'm going to be telling you about well me! I'm just a normal 9 year old girl I have 2 sisters a dog called Henry and a cat called Millie. Obvisly I go to Auroa school, South Taranaki, New Zealand. Most of you know my teachers name is Mr Webb (Myles Webb). He is one of the best teachers ever. My favourite subject's at school have to be PE, Writing, Libary and School production. My favourite sports are Netball, Touch Rugby, Soccer, Swimming, Dancing/Gymnastics and Athletics. Through out the week I have many different things on the some of the sports I just mentioned and lots more things. My goals for the end of the year were..

Get 8,000 page views by the end of the year? At the moment at 13,900!Get to stage 8 at writing? Working on stage 9!Get into the MOA awards? I did!Try my hardest? I think so :) Go to the Taranaki cross country running? I did and got 39th out of 175!
Be one of the main roles in the school concert?!
 We are doing Oliver Twist and I'm Jack Dawkins! and have a great year!

 Also in my spare time I like to read horse books and ride horses. Also when we go up to New Plymouth I go and help my poppa at the horse stables and feed the horses. Also I like to bike along the coastal walkway or scooter with my family. When it's the winter or rugby season I'm a big fan of Coastal rugby senior A's because my dad use to coach them. So that's about all I for you guys but if you found that interesting......

Comment down below!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday 14 November 2015

Our amazing day

This is a photo of the face paint I got at Sofia's party

Today me and my Family went down to Patea to a friends birthday called Sofia. When we first got there it was freezing but it started warm up in the middle of the day then we played parcel- parcel and Sofia won. Then we had lunch and there were lots of yummy things to eat. Like... Cupcakes, Carnival donuts, Fizzy and lots ,lots more. Then we were running around on the lawn waiting for the next game.        
 Then her mum called us in for the next game which was stick the strawberry on the strawberry. Then we had a little bit of a play before we went home then when we got home we had a rest before we got up to watch "The Fox and the Hound II" Then when that finished we watched Puss 'n' Boots. While we were watching that we had our own popcorn and strawberries and they were delicious but we ate them all. That was most of our day and I hope you enjoyed listening to my story and comment down below to say what you think =).

Thursday 12 November 2015


This is our Educational video about the Hāwera water tower which won.

This is the certificate I got for wining the best Educational video intermediate 

On Tuesday the 10th of November at the sandfords event centre they hosted the 2015 MOA KLUSTER awards. We got driven from the Opunake primary school to the event centre in classic cars. In the car I went with Katelyn and Charlotte. We had to give Mr Chittenden our ticket so we could get in. I sat right at the front. Then I got given my goodie bag with Chocolate , Sprite and a bag of chips. Just before the show started the showed Calabs, Durrans and Joes music video shake it off. The man announcing the awards was Dinnie he is mum and dads friend. The first award was best book trailer and Opunake won that for the intermediate catogoary. Then for the senior Opunake won. Now it was best graphic design poster junior. Opunake won that. For the intermediate catogoary Opunake won and for the senior catogoary Auroa won. Now best student blog intermediate nominations are Caro's Creative Creations, Mackennas blog, Ebonys blog and Jorja's Joyful Jungle. And the winner is..... Jorja's Joyful Jungle. Then they did best educational video and we won so yay. Then they did best Music Video for junior and Auroa won with we will dock you then jonte from Auroa won the music video intermidette and Kaiah won best senior music video. Then it was sumpreme award and we won with the bum race 2 and the was created by Kaiah and Durran and Durran got a gift and Kaiah got the trophy then they showed some of the Star Wars video then they started to pack up and we went back to Nanna and Grandads.

Monday 9 November 2015

Auroa School

Adorable right? For a matter or fact this is my little sister Harpa. She got in to my sisters uniform box and pulled out some of our uniform. She thought she was going to school with me and my sister. She had her lunchbox packed and everything. But she had to wear her frozen shoes.

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Suvivour Episode 10

A shock elimination occurred this week who would it be? Rico and Siobhan were in charge of Kikorangi, until Rico organised a blind side and had Siobhan voted out. Caro and Mackenna were in charge of Whero, until just before the merge, Whero eliminated Mackenna.
The only captions left from the start is Rico and Caro (Me) As my team lost last week it forced us to merge. Who would it be Caro? or Rico?
To all the Rico fans in Hong Kong you may not like this?
Good luck and who will find the Lucky cat and the 3rd immunity idol. Here are the clues.
Immunity Idol Clue; 'When all is revealed and all sold you need to report to Mr Webb and reveal all that you've solved.  He will guide you on your way and with the idol you should be able to stay.  Its the furtherest away so far, yet to progress in the game you need to find it without haste.'
Redemption Idol: 'I am without sight and waiting to be revealed, I wait patiently counting the time that I will be revealed.  The game is nearing its end, locating me will allow you a chance at revenge."
The credit go's to Mr Webb for the videos and the immunity idols the only idol has been found and hasn't been played is Quade's immunity Idol that I picked up but didn't read it so Quade found it.