Saturday 31 October 2015

Bring it Home

All Blacks primed for battle of the breakdown
Am I the only one nervous for the Rugby world cup final. All Blacks vs Australia . Hopefully the All Blacks can bring it home. Obviously there are 2 Taranaki born players in the team. Conrad Smith and Beauden Barrett. Hopefully the Coastal boy Beauden Barrett can finish the game on a high note. Good Luck

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Old memory's

On Saturday I suddenly went into my room and pulled out some of my old dancing ribbons. There were so many I couldn't even carry them all at once. There were some from when I was 5 and when I won the junior modern jazz. I had just been to a competition in Hāwera and I got VHC and won most promising under 10 dancer which I was very proud of. If you have won any trophy so or ribbons comment down below.

Monday 26 October 2015

Our day out!

on Saturday myself and my sisters had a day out with gran. First we went to the horses and walked down to the bowl of Brooklands and then we Went to the zoo. We saw some amazing animals and the all looked very different to each other and they were very cute. Then we took some photos and walked to grans but first we had to stop and get a ice cream. When we got back mum and dad had  lunch for us and it was delicious.

Sunday 25 October 2015

Oliver twist


For the end of the year we have to do a school play and the theme this year is Broadway Musicals. We are thinking of doing Oliver Twist. The original Oliver book is about 300 years old and the original movie is from 1968. The songs that we are thinking of doing are Food Glorious food and Consider Yourself. If you have any other songs from the movie Consider yourself to comment down below. Also I have some big news... You guys got me into the MOA awards for my Blog. Must of been all of your fantastic advice. Thank you.  

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen

Ding as the bell silently rang I waited for my time to shine. As I bogged onto the stage I spun around to find the crowed staring at me and the judge to!!!!!! I started to wind myself up as a girl performed an Ariel (No handed cartwheel)

I skipped and galloped around the stage. As the time came for the moment of the year......... The "CARTWHEEL" As I galloped into the moment truth I held my breath as I was flying in the air. I safely landed and carried on with my dance.

As the dance came to an end the crowed applauded me of the stage. Here come the results... First place to Garielle Carthew, 2nd to.....

Friday 16 October 2015

Rugby World Cup 2015

On Sunday the 2007 quarter final reoccurs but in 2015. All the is on the All Blacks but it depends on the referee Nigel Owens from Wales. I think that the final will be All Blacks vs Ireland. We hope that the All Black bring the trophy home and hold it for another 4 years if they are lucky enough. Go the Black and Whites!

Sunday 11 October 2015

Mega Bounce

Yesterday my family ,the Walkers and the Mullers went to Mega Bounce a indoor trampoline park. The rules were you had to wear there socks which have gripping underneath them. You were only allowed one person on a trampoline. If you didn't follow the rules you would get a yellow card and if you made another mistake you would get a red card and you would miss out on the rest of the jumping session. There were three separate trampolines that you could bounce off into the foam pit and there were six trampolines for the height of 125cm and under which s the second photo. Also there is a huge dodge ball arena where we played Girls vs Boys and of course the girls won. Then there is a cafe with some delicious food like there lollie cake. Then we went to a cafe called palmers and had some lunch and I got a kids platter and chocolate brownie with wipped cream because it was real strong.

Wednesday 7 October 2015

EL Nino the drought


A study of climate records has shown that El Niño events in the equatorial Pacific are generally associated with a warm tropical North Atlantic in the following spring and summer. About half of El Niño events persist sufficiently into the spring months for the Western Hemisphere Warm Pool to become unusually large in summer. Occasionally, El Niño's effect on the Atlantic Walker circulation over South America strengthens the easterly trade winds in the western equatorial Atlantic region. As a result, an unusual cooling may occur in the eastern equatorial Atlantic in spring and summer following El Niño peaks in winter. EL Nino is expected to effect New Zealand for the next 3-4 months which will have a major effect on New Zealand dairy farmers and sheep and beef farmers as the EL Nino is predicted to cause major drought conditions. This is not good news for dairy farmers as they already have a low payout to contend with.

Thursday 1 October 2015

Dancing compeitions

 On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I had dancing competition's in Hawera. On the first day I had my barefoot and I got HC (highly commend) On Tuesday I had my modern jazz and I got 2nd and I had to be happy with that. Yesterday I had my jazz championship on I VHC (very highly commend) I also won a trophy for most promising local dancer jazz under 10. But it was broken so I won't get it till I go to dancing next term. Do you do competitions?