Thursday 30 April 2015

Growing animals

Today we had mrs knappman an and we made foam growing animals here is how we made them.
Goal: to grow a foam animals
Materials: bowl, pill, jug for the water
Step 1. First you had to grab a pot and put the pill in the bowl
Step 2. Get an adult to poor very hot water into the bowl so it grows quicker 
Step 3. You had to wait a few minutes for it to dissolve 
Step 4. Once it had fully grown you can take a photo and then let it dry.
This is what we made and then we write a piece of writing.


Yellow is the colour of the sun
Everyday I have fun
Laughing in the sun
Lots of sun flowers
On fine days we play sport in the sun
When it is summer we run around in the sun

Wednesday 29 April 2015

Net Ball 29/4/15

Today we had two net ball games. In the day at school there is a competition called crowley cup it is when there is a , A and B grade the A grade is South Taranaki and the B grade is North Taranaki competition. Auroa faced Ngare in hokey , Net Ball and rugby. Auroa won the rugby 127-19 they lost the hockey 9-2 and won the Net Ball 21-0. Then tonight we had a Net Ball game in Opunake and we faced Rahotu pulse and we lost 8-5 and they were real tough. Charlotte got player of the day and she played extremely well. Well done to all of the teams.

Tuesday 28 April 2015

How to ride a horse


Hi i am Caro and I'm going to teach you how to ride a horse/pony.

The materials you will need is a saddle , bridle , helmets  and reins to be safe or you could do it without any gear but I would do it with the equipment.

Step 1. Your horse has to have all of the gear on and you always have to wear a helmet 

Step 2. Put your left foot in the stirp and lift your right leg over the other side or you can hold onto the fence and climb over 

Step 3. Once you are in the saddle make sure both stirps are big enough for you. Then you grab both sides of the reins and twist them over and place them on the saddle and don't pull them tight.

Step 4. You always have to make sure you are sitting even on both sides other wise you can fall off. You body must be straight so then you will be a natural.

Step 5. First If you are not so sure about riding a horse get somebody to lead you around and if you are you can try by the self. To get the horse to go you say get up and if you want it to slow down you say woo!

Step 6. To get the horse to turn say I wanted to turn to the left I would pull on the left side and let it lose on the right side and if I was turning to the right I would pull on the right side.

Step 7. When you finish you take out both feet out of the stirps lift you right leg over and jump off the horse or pony.

Thanks for reading comment down bellow of what you thought.

Sunday 26 April 2015

Horse riding

Today we went to our great aunties cousins and we got to ride their pony and get him ready. The first time I got help then the second time I did  it by myself but mum didn't take any photos. I got to lead him a couple of times as well. Here are some photos. My favourite part probably would be when I got to ride it by myself. Have you ever ridden a horse?

Saturday 25 April 2015

Dawn parade

Today at 5.30 am we left to go to the Hawera dawn parade for ANZAC day and here are some some photos that dad took on his cellphone. The first one is georgie and I with Mrs Darbyshire and the second photo is at the start of the parade when they walked up the street. We had MC Donald's for breakfast. Have you ever been to a dawn parade? Comment down bellow.

Friday 24 April 2015

Here is a video of when my family went to Wellington to watch the Hurricanes vs the Rebels at Westpac stadium in Wellington. We also went to the world wide Colour run. It is when you run 5km race and about every 1km you get sprayed in a different colour. You also get black packs at the end and you throw them up in the air in the colour festival. Their was 1,700 people who competed. Here is a video.

Thursday 23 April 2015

Kick off

Kick off

5 minutes till kick off. Stratford running onto the field as the crowd says boo!. Here comes coastal. Dad I yelled no reply. As Stratford kick off. Sweat starts dripping down my spine. Mud flicks up as the boots stab into the wet soggy mud. Rain burst out of know where. Stratford running away with the ball until.... Pass and interception John Julin makes a run for it. Sadly they catch up in know time. Stratford got the ball and the score boo!!! Went the crowd.

Coastals ball and they kick off and penalty to coastal. Rick Mckenna under pressure as the crowd sits silent. 45 meters out from the try line and he gets it . The crowd going wild as it goes over the post. 10-3 coastal better step there game up if they want to win this game. 7 minutes into the second half and coastal has been had to hand it over three times. 8 minutes into the second half. Finally they decided to score a try and Rick McKenna got the conversion so it is 10-10. If Rick McKenna gets the penalty we win...

He gets it with 30 seconds to go. Coastal tap and run and times up and John Julin kicks it out and we win 13-10. At the end of the day everyone walked home proud for their club.

By Caro

Wednesday 22 April 2015

ANZAC day post

On the 25th of April we celebrate ANZAC day and also get Monday off. World war 1 started when the archduke of Austria- Hungary got shot by somebody who was normal and three country's didn't agree on it and the country's were Germany, Russia and Austria didn't agree all on the same idea so they started a war then the British said all British country's had to fight as well. That is some information we learnt in class.


Monday 13 April 2015

Rain! Rain! Go away it is the holidays

Rain! Rain! Go away it is the holidays. So far from Friday it has been heavy rain and thunderstorms. It has been so cold and I don't like being stuck inside. What have you been doing this holidays. Please comment down below because I would lover to hear what you have been doing.


Sunday 5 April 2015

The Legend of Taranaki

In Māori legendTaranaki is a mountain being that lived peacefully for many centuries in the centre of New Zealand's North Island with three other mountains, TongariroNgauruhoe and Ruapehu.
Nearby stood Mount Pihanga. Covered in a cloak of deep green forest she presented a stunning sight and all the mountain gods were in love with her.
Taranaki dared to make advances to Pihanga and was reproached by Tongariro and a mighty battle ensued between them. The earth shook and the sky became dark as the mountains belched forth their anger. When the battle ended the lovely Pihanga stood close by Tongariro's side. Taranaki, wild with grief and jealously, angrily wrenched his roots from the ground and left the other mountains.
Weeping, he plunged towards the setting sun, gouging out a deep wide trench. When he reached the sea he turned north and stumbled up the coast. As he slept that night the Pouakai Ranges snared and trapped Taranaki in the place he now rests.
The next day a stream of clear water sprang from the side of Tongariro. It flowed down the deep scar Taranaki had left on his journey to the coast to form the Whanganui River.
There are those who say that Taranaki is silently brooding and will one day try to return inland again to fight Tongariro. Consequently many Māori were wary of living in the area between the mountains.


Today is Easter the 5th of April. Hope you guys got lots of chocolate. I got 2 Easter bunnys full of smarties , candy floss, two huge eggs and a cream egg. When we got them the first thing I ate was the candy floss then the smarties. I felt real sick so I gave it a rest. Happy Easter everyone.

Friday 3 April 2015


Today in New Plymouth was the New Zealand Weet-Bix triathlon. It is when all the schools from around all of Taranaki compete in a team or individuals. I done it by myself. there was 1744 students that competed. The Auroa school tent was along the beachfront so we were just playing on the beach. Kyah , Mackenna and myself
were in the same heat for the swim. We kept on getting real nervous. Moving as the others kept on running away. Then it was our turn to show them what we were made of. Splash racing against the clock. Kyah and I stick together along the swim. Look we are on the big screen. Going round the second boy. Going with the flow not pushing myself but trying my hardest. Going round the third boy. Taking off my cap. The crowd roaring now time for the bike. As soon as I found my bike I zoomed off on my bike. As I look up ahead I saw a huge hill and I made it up. it was a 4.5km bike. I past 10 people on the road and 5 on the walkway so I thought I was doing pretty well. I had a real fast transition from the bike to the run. it was a 1.9km run along the beach. I got a bad stitch. I got a photo after. I like doing triathlon’s so GIVE IT A GO!