Saturday 25 April 2015

Dawn parade

Today at 5.30 am we left to go to the Hawera dawn parade for ANZAC day and here are some some photos that dad took on his cellphone. The first one is georgie and I with Mrs Darbyshire and the second photo is at the start of the parade when they walked up the street. We had MC Donald's for breakfast. Have you ever been to a dawn parade? Comment down bellow.


  1. Caro
    There's some fantastic images to go with your writing - I really thought that you added to it in a fantastic way by including the photographs from the parade.
    Mr Webb

  2. Awesome blog post Caro. Very relevant today - it's always good to write about what a) you're interested in and b) what others are going to find interesting.
    Your writing was interesting as the whole country is currently captivated by the 100 yr Anniversary of the landing of Nz troops in Turkey (at Gallipoli)

    Keep up the great blogging Caro!

    Mr Theo - Holy Family Porirua