Thursday 9 July 2015

The Wellington trip

On Tuesday we travelled to Wellington the capitol city of New Zealand. First we went to see one of our friends Tracy who lives in Palmerston North and who has also just had a baby. We went to a Café in Whanganui for lunch. We then travelled the rest of the way to Wellington. The next day I stayed the night with Nana and Grandad at the Thorden hotel. We set of to town early in the morning to go to a café and have a hot chocolate and then hit the shops. The first shop we went to had a huge lego sculpture of Harry potter and Dumbo off the Disney movies. Then we headed to Te Papa the Wellington museum. Dad and I went to wait in line for the " THE SCALE OF OUR WAR" We were in line for 50 whole minutes. When we finally got to see we realized that Wetta Workshop had created the giant humans. We got to see the original Bugle. When you almost exited the scale we got to feel what war was like. I was shocked to see how painful war was so I'm glad it was over. After we headed to Whitcoulls where my uncle work I got two books one by David Willams and one by Rachel Renee Russell.

We went into the NIKE shop to find some new shoes for me and I found some that fitted me perfect. When we headed to Cotton on kids out by Freedom and on the way back we went back past parliament known as the BEE-HIVE where the national party works. As you come down the hills from my uncles house you have an amazing view of the harbour view. When we went out for tea at the One red dog on the water front last night. Today we travelled home as we went through the towns we saw all the snow on the hills that barley get any snow because it was 4 centigrade but it felt like negative 1 because of the wind chill.    


  1. Caro
    I went on a holiday to Wellington on Saturday and we saw all the same things as you saw it was amazing to see a real life scale of the war right in front of your eyes it felt like we were there.
    Keep up the great blogging!!!!
    Jorja,Auroa,Taranaki,Room 3

  2. I looked up The Scale of our War because of your post and learned some interesting information! I hadn't heard this story from WWI and actually hadn't heard any accounts from WWI from New Zealand's perspective. It sounds like this helped history come alive for you. What do you think about WWI now?

  3. Caro,

    Thank you for sharing your trip with us! I too had not heard much about WWI from New Zealand's perspective, so I had to do some research. History is my favorite subject, so thank you for helping me learn something new! After experiencing what you did in the museum, do you feel like you have a better appreciation for the sacrifices made by those men who fought in WWI (or any war)? Thanks again for sharing your trip with us!

    P.S. I am jealous of your new Nikes!