Thursday 2 July 2015

It's time (Hurricanes v Highlanders)

I bet everyone is ready for the final against Hurricanes v Highlanders at Westpac Stadium Wellington New Zealand. It's going to be a tough game and a close game. The tickets sold out in 59 seconds so that was quicker than Ed Sheeran concert in Wellington also. Who is going to win? Hurricanes. Good luck to everybody who is playing.


  1. Caro
    Thats a really topical post to make - great idea that you hyperlinked some of your information for people who want to find out more about the game. Also its great that you've made your prediction already because a lot of people aren't sure about the result. Are the best two teams in the final? I am not sure about that however it should be a great game.
    Mr Webb

  2. Make sure you stir up Mtr Webb about this as he is passionate about his rugby? And especially the Chiefs. You could remind him a couple of times that the Chiefs aren't in the final.

  3. "Are the best two teams in the finals?" That's a very interesting question Mr Webb... I certainly think one of them is! ;) I would have loved the final to be in Dunedin... I wonder if the Highlanders are disadvantaged because they are not on home turf? Fingers crossed a lot of Otago supporters managed to get tickets in those 59 seconds! I agree with Mr Webb - a great topical (and somewhat contentious post...) I also like the use of the hyperlink!