Wednesday 21 October 2015

Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen

Ding as the bell silently rang I waited for my time to shine. As I bogged onto the stage I spun around to find the crowed staring at me and the judge to!!!!!! I started to wind myself up as a girl performed an Ariel (No handed cartwheel)

I skipped and galloped around the stage. As the time came for the moment of the year......... The "CARTWHEEL" As I galloped into the moment truth I held my breath as I was flying in the air. I safely landed and carried on with my dance.

As the dance came to an end the crowed applauded me of the stage. Here come the results... First place to Garielle Carthew, 2nd to.....


  1. Hi Caro
    i really like this story and i like at the end how you did 2nd to...

  2. HI CARO

    this was one magnificent story i really liked it . i would of loved to come and watch it

  3. Caro
    This is a very good story it is alot like all your others good punchuation ETC

  4. To Caro,
    Hi, my name is Sloane, I'm in seventh grade, and I live in Texas. I really enjoyed reading your story! I can tell you are a great writer, and I hope I can read some more of your work. I liked the suspense you added, and your ending was really interesting and fun. :)
    Here's a link to my blog: