Sunday 11 October 2015

Mega Bounce

Yesterday my family ,the Walkers and the Mullers went to Mega Bounce a indoor trampoline park. The rules were you had to wear there socks which have gripping underneath them. You were only allowed one person on a trampoline. If you didn't follow the rules you would get a yellow card and if you made another mistake you would get a red card and you would miss out on the rest of the jumping session. There were three separate trampolines that you could bounce off into the foam pit and there were six trampolines for the height of 125cm and under which s the second photo. Also there is a huge dodge ball arena where we played Girls vs Boys and of course the girls won. Then there is a cafe with some delicious food like there lollie cake. Then we went to a cafe called palmers and had some lunch and I got a kids platter and chocolate brownie with wipped cream because it was real strong.

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  1. Caro
    You've written a really great review of this location (I wonder if you could email the business tomorrow in class and let them know) and its provided some good information for someone who wants to go and visit. As always having the photographs to support your writing has been an excellent addition.
    Mr Webb