Friday 20 March 2015

Meet the atletes

Meet the Athlete’s

 Today we went to the Opunake event centre to meet some profesinal triathlete’s from Spain and Italy.In New Plymouth sprint Triathlon on this sunday. There name’s are Miriam, Daniel and Roburto. As soon as we got in the court room. The first thing they said was the train 4 to 5 hours a day. The country that they would most like to visit would be germany because they said it was awesome. 

Miriam the girl from Spain said she was training to be a doctor her brother also said said that he wanted to be involved in nature. Daniel said he worked in the military and wanted to work for the army. The sponsor's help with their gear like glasses, spike shoe’s, bike’s and a lot more awesome stuff. Then there was a lot of question’s and it got boring then it was over! Also after seeing them it had inspired me to do triathlons

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