Friday 13 March 2015

Over the finish line

Over the finish line

in the tent. getting called time after time. finally me.on thursday the 5th of march we had Interschool Athletics. At Victora park, Kaponga.

Take your marks set. the gun fired. my legs taking me as fast as they can. Bolting off like a rocket. Passing people time after time. 5,4,3,2. kyah just ahead of me. shooting threw the long grass. Pulling my strength together. going 50 miles an hour .

as soon as i turn the corner i could see Mr Cittendens proud face. side by side kyah and i race. Coming down the home straight this moment. My face starts to stretch out with a big wide smile. Coming first now second. Kyah stool the spotlight. Starting to kick into gear. The crowd bursting with cheer. Neck and neck thats how close it is. shes running away with the spotlight. 50 meters to go. chasing after her like my whorst enmey. 20 meters, 10 ,5 going crazy as i chase her down. As i glide over the finish line i thought i was going to beat her but she did. There is always next year!

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