Thursday 12 March 2015


Today at Opanake pools and high school we had the mount spa triathlon. its where 8 schools compete from around south Taranaki but not Hawera. I done the under 9 girls triathlon by myself. the swim was first. I was the 25th girl because one could only go at a time. you had to do freestyle a length up and a length back. you had to touch the wall go under the rope and push off at the wall and do a length on the way back on the other lane. Which is 50 meters. We had to touch the wall then go up the ladder and walk round the pools to the door. Then we could start running to our bikes on the other side of the field where the transition was . We had to put our helmet and shoes on so we could ride our
bikes on the road and that is the road rules that
you must where a helmet. I got to the gate
and got on my bike and started riding up the road
on left side. The first corner we had was just when we got on our bikes. I could see three people just in front of me. Biking as fast as I can catching people and passing them time after time. When I got back to the transition somebody took my bike and I started my 1km run around the high school field two times tired but pushing myself to not stop because that not what a triathlon is for. At the end I got 15th and my tome was 29.21 is a good time. It was fun to do.

By Caro


  1. Caro
    What a fantastic effort to get this completed and written up the day of the event. Wonderful effort! You need to get the spell checker going and thinking about if there's anything else that you can do to add to your post. Wonderful.
    Mr Webb

  2. Great job on your triathlon effort! You are an inspiration for young people being active! Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. Well done. You gave a good account of this event and I think the use of pictures brings your account to life. I see you wrote this up the day of the event. That is what real sports journalist have to do ... and they aren't even completing.

    Keep up the good work.
    Merry Beau (Ireland)

  4. thanks for the comment is it awesome to visit my blog?