Tuesday 26 May 2015

Amelia Earhart


Amelia Earhart was born in  July 24, 1897 and went missing in  July 2, 1937. She was born at Atchison, Kansas in America. Amelia Mary Earhart, daughter of Samuel "Edwin" Stanton Earhart (1867-1930) and Amy Otis Earhart (1869–1962) In home of her maternal grandfather Alfred Gideon Otis (1827–1912),
Amelia was the second child of the marriage. known for first solo women to fly over the Atlantic ocean.
Crash and Sink theory
Many researchers believe the Electra ran out of fuel and that Earhart and Noonan ditched at sea with 7,000 miles to go. Navigator and aeronautical engineer Elgen Long and his wife Marie K. Long devoted 35 years of exhaustive research to the "crash and sink" theory, which is the most widely accepted explanation for the disappearance

Radio signals

During Earhart and Noonan's approach to Howland Island the Itasca received strong and clear voice transmissions from Earhart identifying as KHAQQ but she apparently was unable to hear voice transmissions from the ship. Signals from the ship would also be used for direction finding, implying that the aircraft's direction finder was also not functional.

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