Thursday 28 May 2015

Ernest Rutherford (Father of Nuclear Physics)

Ernest Rutherford

Age he died: 66 (19 October 1937  When he was born:30th of August 1817 Father: James Rutherford
Mother: Martha Rutherford
Known for: discovering nuclear physics
He studied at Havelock School and then Nelson college and won a scholarship to study at Canterbury college                        At Cambridge, Rutherford started to work with J. J. Thomson
his nationality is British/ New Zealand
He won many awards like the Albert award
From 1900-1903 he joined at McGill by the young chemist. He studied nuclear physic and chemistry.
In Brightwater, New Zealand there is a street called Lord Rutherford Road in the place of his birth. he is famous for splitting an atom to create Nuclear energy
the Albert award is the Royal society of arts (RSA) in 1864 as a memorial to Prince Albert.


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