Friday 22 May 2015

Science experiment

Yesterday we done an experiment with Mr Spice and it was elephants toothpaste. We used active yeast, food colouring, dishwashing liquid and a old bottle. One you had the peroxide, food colouring and dishwashing liquid in go outside and pour the active yeast in. Then tighten the lid so no gas escapes. Make sure you make a hole so the toothpaste paste can squirt out. It will last for about 30-40 seconds before it starts getting smaller and smaller. All of the senior school had to do an experiment with all senior teachers. We done it with: Miss Bunker, Mr Tai, Mrs Ericsson, Mr Spice and your own teacher. With our teacher Mr Webb we had a film canister and we put in the baking powder first, then you added in the White vinegar. You had to quickly shut the lid. What experiment did you enjoy?

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