Thursday 19 November 2015

All about me

Hi my name is Caro and well I'm going to be telling you about well me! I'm just a normal 9 year old girl I have 2 sisters a dog called Henry and a cat called Millie. Obvisly I go to Auroa school, South Taranaki, New Zealand. Most of you know my teachers name is Mr Webb (Myles Webb). He is one of the best teachers ever. My favourite subject's at school have to be PE, Writing, Libary and School production. My favourite sports are Netball, Touch Rugby, Soccer, Swimming, Dancing/Gymnastics and Athletics. Through out the week I have many different things on the some of the sports I just mentioned and lots more things. My goals for the end of the year were..

Get 8,000 page views by the end of the year? At the moment at 13,900!Get to stage 8 at writing? Working on stage 9!Get into the MOA awards? I did!Try my hardest? I think so :) Go to the Taranaki cross country running? I did and got 39th out of 175!
Be one of the main roles in the school concert?!
 We are doing Oliver Twist and I'm Jack Dawkins! and have a great year!

 Also in my spare time I like to read horse books and ride horses. Also when we go up to New Plymouth I go and help my poppa at the horse stables and feed the horses. Also I like to bike along the coastal walkway or scooter with my family. When it's the winter or rugby season I'm a big fan of Coastal rugby senior A's because my dad use to coach them. So that's about all I for you guys but if you found that interesting......

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  1. Hey Caro.
    I really like your post about yourself and it's good to see you achieved your goals. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see more of your fantastic posts.