Sunday 29 November 2015

NOROK sports day

Today on November the 29th Kaponga Athletic club hosted the 2015 NOROK sports day. The events are.. 50 Meters, 75 Meters, 100 Meters, 200 Meters, 400 meters, 800 meters, 1500 Meters, 800 Meter Walk, 1200 Meter Walk, bagged 40yr relay, 4x100 relay boys and girls grades, Long Jump and High Jump. "My first event was the 75M and there were only three of us and I came 1st= with a girl called Kyrah".

  My sister had her 75M and she came 3rd. I had to wait till 12.15 for my 100 meter race and I got second in that and Kyrah won. My friends Jorja and Bethany's 100M was next and Jorja got 3rd and Bethany got 1st. Before we knew it , it was lunchtime. Time for a ice block.

         Then I was in the bagged 40yr relay with Zoe, Caro (me), Madaline and  Ellie. In that relay we got 2nd. In the 800M walk a person from my class called Quade got first in that race. The next race for me was the 200 meter and there was only two of us and Kyrah was in lane 2 and I was in lane 5. Halfway through the race I started to get the shakes and I was in the lead then before I knew we were at the 50 meter mark with 50 left to run and I could here every one screaming out go Kaponga and I go to Kaponga and I can't believe I won but it was a close race.
 My sister got 2nd in the 200m and she is only seven. Then we had the 4x100 relay and it was Zoe, Lilly, Sophie and Caro (me) we were in lane five again and we got second in that and I was proud of our team and my sisters team got third. Then we packed up and left and it was an amazing day and Kaponga done very well.


  1. Your sister sounds like a bit of an athlete, Caro! On that note, so do you! Sounds like an exciting day at NOROK Sports Day! I bet your Mum and Dad were proud!

  2. Caro
    Great idea and detail for post and wonderful to see you putting the effort into it in your own time let yet again. I really enjoyed the detail and description, really gave me a great idea of what was happening even though I wasn't there. Must have been some fantastic editing.
    Mr Webb

  3. Je trouve que tu te débrouilles super bien à la course à pied ; Maman aussi fait de la course à pied !

    Bastien, CM2 de l'école de Brindas, France