Saturday 14 November 2015

Our amazing day

This is a photo of the face paint I got at Sofia's party

Today me and my Family went down to Patea to a friends birthday called Sofia. When we first got there it was freezing but it started warm up in the middle of the day then we played parcel- parcel and Sofia won. Then we had lunch and there were lots of yummy things to eat. Like... Cupcakes, Carnival donuts, Fizzy and lots ,lots more. Then we were running around on the lawn waiting for the next game.        
 Then her mum called us in for the next game which was stick the strawberry on the strawberry. Then we had a little bit of a play before we went home then when we got home we had a rest before we got up to watch "The Fox and the Hound II" Then when that finished we watched Puss 'n' Boots. While we were watching that we had our own popcorn and strawberries and they were delicious but we ate them all. That was most of our day and I hope you enjoyed listening to my story and comment down below to say what you think =).


  1. Nice face paint Caro hope you had a lot of fun

    Katelyn Room3 Auroa school

  2. Hey Caro.
    I really like your explanation about your day at the party and I hope you really enjoyed it. The only thing you could do is fix up the punctuation and spelling mistakes but apart from that its fantastic.
    Bye and keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Caro,

    my name is Nicola and I live in Singapore. Mr Kemp showed me your blog today! Great job!

    I love your nails in the second photo! Thanks so much for sharing your life with us


  4. Hi Caro,

    My name is Nicola and I live in Singapore. Mr Kemp showed me your blog today, great job! I love your nails in the second photo.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!

    Keep it up!