Thursday 18 June 2015

Dance like Nobody's watching

Dance Like Nobody's Watching
Made by: Caro

Waiting for the bell to squeal i patiently waited as Katrina Casey danced with all her might. “ I thought this is going to be a tough one” As she glanced off the stage. Nervous thoughts raced through my adrenaline. The bell roared as i galloped onto the stage. The music blasted out of the speaker. Let the dance begin.

As i rushed through the steps i  took a deep breath as the cartwheel began. “ Here we go” as i spun in the air it felt like i was flying. When i landed i got my balance i began the next step. It felt like nobody was watching. The music stopped and i skipped off the stage.

My whole life depended on this. They announced first last and my name had not been yet. First place goes to “ Caro Olliver” I couldn’t believe it and i got eighty marks. I can’t wait till next year.


  1. Caro this is a great piece of writing it was very interesting keep up the great work.
    Quade auroa school

  2. Funny and really cool

  3. Caro
    This is good writing I like all the features they are all good
    Jayden. F