Monday 8 June 2015

The day world change

24th of March 1814

Long ago there was a man who lived called Guy Fork’s. Born 5th of March 1800. Who lived in a rundown factory in the middle of London. He had discovered a plan to set of a bouncing bomb in the National bank of London. A couple day’s later noodle’s and smiley came across the rundown factory. Noodle's Stumbled out of the cop car. As he could hear the growling of the hammer smashing against nail’s. They crept through the narrow door. Spark’s flying over the balcony of the top story. He tumbled up the stair’s. To find the only thing around was a 18 year old boy called Guy Fawkes. Noodle’’s grabbed his hand and tied him up. Racing down the stairs through the narrow door. Guy Fawkes refused to come!! suddenly he grabbed the bouncing bomb and tore apart the rope and sprinted out the door. Smiley and Noodle’s raced after only to find themselves in the National bank of London. At the top story Guy Fawkes waited patiently. Smiley grabbed his he could see the bomb in his hand’s. He reached for the matches. The bomb started to burst into flames. They tried to escape but sadly they didn't survive. The bank slowly burnt that day. Till this day we celebrate when the world changed.    

By Caro

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