Tuesday 16 June 2015

Frosty, Frosty day

Today the 16th of June Auroa School had a amazing out break happen. We had ICE! Mr Webb let us go out and take photos of the twinkly ice. Mr Webb said the gate when we enter school was completely frozen and you couldn't open it and it took him awhile before he could open it.  
We're we talking about that water freezes at 0 centigrade and that it starts melt at 1 centigrade and up. the first is a plant with frost on it at my house and the second photo is a piece of ice at school on the concrete by the volleyball lawn. What is the worst frost or snow you have ever had. comment down bellow!      


  1. Caro
    That's a great use of the photographs and a great idea for a post - I think some of the students and the class pages that we have contact with might be abel to help you there with information about the details of the frost and cold.
    Mr Webb

  2. Caro
    The worst frost we have ever had is when there was ice ever where all our metal was a ice skating rink and I fall over a lot.
    Jayden. F