Friday 21 August 2015

10,000 hit's on the web

Thank you to all the visitors that have visited my blog because guess what............. "I GOT 10,000 Pageviews" At the start of the year I would of liked to reach 8,000 Pageviews but I have got 10,000 and now at the end of the year I am going to try get 17,000 Pageviews which is a big number for just a student blog ( At least that's what I think" Also a big thanks to Mr Webb for giving me some good feedback and also to mum and dad for giving me some good advice on what to post like the Farming lifestyle video and my dancing exam and I have got the results and I got distinction which is 95-100%. As you can see in the second photo it has the amount of people that have looked and my blog and also the top 5 post I have ever done. "Come on boys and girls get me to 17,000" and also got luck to Jorja my friend who is nearly on 8,000 please visit her blog by clicking Here .

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  1. Caro
    Congratulations on 10,000 Page Views. That is an amazing feat and you are only the second student ever from Auroa Primary School to get to this figure - obviously the next target is to get to be the best student with the most page views ever - and you are well on the way to do that. You've been an amazingly dedicated student whose produced some fantastic quality writing and I look forward to see what you produce for the remainder of this year.
    Mr Webb