Saturday 8 August 2015


Hi my name is Caro and today I have a video about a recent flooding event in Taranaki. Opunake had the worst because when we were going to Opunake there was water all over the road and we had to go very slow. Also we had hail today and our whole front lawn was covered in it and it looked so amazing. The rain also has effected some farmers since it is calving season. 


  1. Caro
    I think that you've again taken some topical information related to what has been happening at the moment and included it in an iMovie format. I think it was good that you included footage from todays hail but were all the photos from Thursday when School had to be closed? Or were they from rain we've had on Saturday?
    Mr Webb

  2. Hi Caro

    I have just read through your blog and looked at some of the links that you have uploaded. You should be congratulated on the quality of this blog. There is some amazing information that you have shared with the audience, it is both informative and entertaining to view. Great pictures and selection of music to go with it. Outstanding job, Good luck for the MOA awards!!

    1. Mr Chittenden
      Thank you for commenting on my blog and I appreciate that you have looked at it. I hope that I am lucky enough to make it in to the MOA Kluster awards as a finalist. Visit again soon
      Auroa, Taranaki

  3. Hi Caro, Miss Eve from Shotover School in Queenstown here. I like your blog. Hope that the farm animals were ok in the flood. :)

  4. Hi Caro, Thanks for including a video so we could see all that rain and hail. I hope all is well after the flooding. Where I live in Coulee Dam, WA, USA we would welcome that flooding because we have fires raging north us with towns being evacuated because of our extreme drought. Thankfully, no one is hurt or injured. You can read about the fires here:

    It's amazing how weather is different all over the world.

    Congratulations on getting 10,000 hits!