Thursday 20 August 2015

The New Zealand currency

I had a lovely comment from a teacher called Mrs Yollis and she sad why not post about some New Zealand currency. So I decided to post the notes and coins. The lowest amount of currency is 10 cents and then 20 cents and the highest note is $100. The person on the 5 dollar note is Sir Edmond Hillary the first person to reach the top of mount Everest. The lady on the $10 note is Kate Sheppard she helped the woman vote. On the $20 is the Queen of England and other countries. on the $50 Sir Apirana Ngata. He is known as the first Maori politician to have ever served in parliament and on the $100 note is Sir Lord Rutherford of Nelson known for the father of nuclear physics. If you have any other currency you know comment down bellow!    

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