Tuesday 4 August 2015

My dancing exam

Today at 3.40pm I went to hāwera to compete in a dancing exam and for my number I was number 4. The exam took 40 minutes and we had to complete 15 routines and it was so tiring. We have to wear black jazz shoes and everything black. We have a pink ribbon in our hair that went around our bun. The other that I did it with are: Ashley, Cady, Sarah and Caro (Me). The lady who done my hair is called Megan. My dancing teacher's name is Michele Glover and I have done dancing for 6 years.


  1. Thanks for the post and keep dancing as long as it makes you happy!

  2. hi caro I liked your video keep up the good danceing

  3. Caro
    Can't say enough positive things about your effort and this post. The detail that you provided the information and the effort that you've gone through to do this in your own time has been amazing. Really think that this is a special post and think that you might need to consider your visitor goals before the end of the year!
    Mr Webb

  4. Caro, I really enjoyed your dancing and explanation. My granddaughters have been dancing, so I know how much practice it takes to get as good as you! Congratulations on your success.